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Tweet Earth was removed from the App Store. Due to changes in the format of  positioning data from the location service, the app have some issues that I don’t have time to fix at this moment. (May 2015)

The BEST Twitter Client App for iPad showing tweets location!

What people say about Tweet Earth! 

Twitter Reimagined – by AppPicker
This app really is one of the most innovative additions to the Social Networking category that I’ve seen in some time.
[Tweet Earth] provides a real treat for the eyes.
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Fantastic App! ★★★★★ – by RemnantVoice 
This tweeter app is simply amazing! You can see where your followers tweets are coming from around the world and from the moon. You can zoom in and read tweets and even look up your own tweets. I’ll for sure share this with all my followers…Cool!

Cool app ★★★★★ – by MrCooper5
Really cool app to track all tweets from your timeline. You can see tweets location on the beautiful earth and moon. Great design and intuitive to use. I like this app.

tweet earth ★★★★★ by aworldofguitars
I got really interested on this app when I saw it but after installing it I dicovered its real importance and it was awesome. It is really nice the way you see twitter txts drop all around the globe!

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